St Winin's St Winin's, Kilwinning
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There is a vigil Mass at 6.30am and Mass at 10am and 12 noon. The Parish of St Palladius's, Dalry, is linked to St Winin's and there is a vigil Mass there at 6.30am as well as Mass on a Sunday morning at 11am.
Mass during the week is normally at 10am, but the Mass on a Thursday is at 7pm. Any change is noted in the Sunday Bulletin and information is available on 01294 552276 
On the rare Holy Days of Obligation, Mass is celebrated in the church at 9am and 7.30pm. There is Mass in St Luke's Primary school at 11am and in St Michael's Academy at 12.45pm.
are normally celebrated on a Sunday, either during Mass or in the afternoon at 2.30pm. Please give the priests sufficient notice.
There is a six month 'notification' rule in the diocese - to allow proper time for preparation for marriage. Generally notification time is longer due to requirements of hotels, photographers etc. Weddings tend to be lavish affairs, but need not be. The celebration of the Sacrament is the most important element of a wedding, but is easily overtaken by other arrangements. Please discuss your requirements with one of the priests who will offer assistance. Arrangements about music, legal requirements, times, rehearsal etc need to be made in good time.
The Sacrament of Forgiveness is celebrated publicly during Lent and Advent. Private celebration can be arranged at any time (01294 552276) and Confessions are generally heard on Saturday morning after Mass or in the evening from 5.30 to 6.15pm.