Eglinton Country Park There is hardly a schoolchild in North Ayrshire who does not know of Eglinton Country Park at Kilwinning. For here is a park, created for the public to enjoy, some 400 hectares of parkland and countryside just 30 minutes walk from Kilwinning town centre along the banks of the river Garnock.
This is a free facility, with no parking charges, no entry fee, nothing to pay when you are inside. There is a wet weather shelter with a small indoor soft play area and a visitor centre where you can find out what is on at the park and what you can do there.
But Eglinton's special charm is the fact that here it is possible to discover the delights of pure countryside. There are bubbling burns, butterflies, bees and birds and places where you can have a picnic. Children from the area have discovered the changing seasons and how they affect the loch,
woodland, meadows and wildlife for themselves in school outings and family expeditions. For Eglinton has a special enchantment at any time of the year and is a place infinitely worth exploring, even when the weather is cold and frosty.
Picnic in Park - picture
To discover its wildlife, you must "take time to stand and stare" and keep your eyes and ears open for the signs which will allow you to discover its wealth of natural history.
Bridge in Park and flowers on bank - picture From the earliest spring flowers through to the berries of autumn, this is the home of all sorts of birds and animals of the wetland, wood and meadow. Some birds and insects are common and will be easy to spot. Others are less so and, like many of the mammals such as the quiet little hedgehog, may be nocturnal. More patience will be required if these are to be seen. But if you take time to listen for birdsong amidst the trees, or to smell the perfume of a wildflower, you too can enjoy the beauty of Eglinton's wildlife.  River in park - picture
North Ayrshire Ranger Service

There are informal walks accompanied by the park's ranger service which last approximately 90 minutes and vary from morning to afternoon. Weekend walks are slightly longer at around two hours and usually follow a specific theme.

Bridge in Park - picture

Cyclists are very welcome at Eglinton Country Park and there is a good network linking the Park to Irvine, Ardrossan and Glasgow.